Unfold The Hidden Places In South Goa On A Memorable Vacation

Unfold The Hidden Places In South Goa On A Memorable Vacation  

hidden places in south goa

South Goa: Explore The Place Once In a Lifetime

South Goa is a destination that is almost unexplored in some places. There is a small village where fishermen gather together to enjoy fishing activities. Foreigners and native tourists have blasts on Goa beaches. Be it the magnificent beaches, the huge forts, or the unexplored paths through the vicious turn to hit upon the breathtaking sands everything is so special about this place. 


When you plan to visit a popular beach destination, Goa is the name that strikes your mind the most. Goa is a place that is considered to be the party capital of the nation and is a paradise in itself. There are regular tourists who will visit Goa. 


And, most of the time the beaches are beaming with awesome party lights and remain in a festive mood. There are multiple unexplored and hidden places in South Goa that need special mention but are isolated with lesser-known features. 

Places To Visit To Unfold The Hidden Secrets In South Goa

The places that need special mention, when you are already planning to visit Goa are followed- Tito’s bar, Calangute, Vagator, Fort Aquada, Anjuna Fort, Baga beach and multiple others. But when you plan to explore the riveted and lesser-known places in Goa, you will need to have a lot more to offer to yourself. The hidden places in South Goa are a huge treasure of hidden secrets. 


With South Goa, you can combine eating at a beach holiday destination and have the taste of the best time with that of the best food. The places are sure to offer a good shopping experience at the South Goa bazaars, nightclubs, beach parties, and shopping experiences on the beach. However, you will need to explore the hidden places in Goa for a scintillating experience with your loved ones.   


Not only the hidden places in Goa but also the fantastic sadolxem bridge is also important and a must-see spot. But then you must be thinking why we should explore the unexplored hidden places in Goa? Isn’t it? Yes, the answer is right in the question. You must visit these jaw-dropping places as they are the perfect place to unwind the enjoyment being in solitude with all your cravings. 

Exploring Hidden Places In South Goa And Create Memorable memories


Agonda Beach:

hidden places in south goa

Located in the district of South Goa in Canacona Taluka, Agonda beach is nothing less than a paradise. It is one of the secret beaches and tops the list of hidden places in south goa. Here the Cabo de Rama Fort is a major attraction that is close to Agonda beach. 


Rivona Cave:

hidden places in south goa

Located in the village of the South Goa district Rivona cave is a famous place. It is a part of Portugal's history in Goa. But it is unfortunate that only a handful of people know about this place. People have also renamed this cave the Pandava Cave. It was believed that Buddhist Monks constructed the cave in the 6th Century. The cave has a stone sculpture of Buddha.  Here the statue of Budhha is in Bhumisparsha Posture. Rivona cave is a must-visit spot for tourist attractions because it is considered to be one of the few examples of Buddhist history that is visible in Goa even today. 


Kakolem Beach:

hidden places in south goa

Situated at a distance of 7 KM in the south of Cabo De Rama Resort in South Goa, Kakolem beach is a must-see spot that is ideal for people who love to enjoy adventure and uncrowded beaches. If you search on youtube, you can get awesome images of the place that will surely arouse interest to explore this lesser-known area. This place is a part of the hidden places in Goa. It is among the list of the top remote places in South Goa and is perfect for partying secretly. It is perfect for people who love fewer crowds but love adventures. Tourists can enjoy seeing a small spring near the beach. 


Netravalli Bubbling lake:

hidden places in south goa

Located in the Netravali region in Sanguem taluka in South Goa near the temple of Lord Gopinath you will find a sacred value for many tourists coming here. Here there is a bubbling lake which tourists prefer seeing a dip in the waters. It is believed to have a medicinal benefit all the more. The magical part is that if you increase the number of clapping, the bubbles will increase the intensity of the bubbles along with the live spring. If you start walking along the lake in fast footsteps, you will get to see amassed methane gas arise from the underwater vegetation. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is also counted among the best-hidden places in South Goa. 


Galgibaga beach:

hidden places in south goa

This beach is considered to be the cleanest beach in Goa. Apart from being the seasonal nesting as well as the most hatching place of visit for the endangered Olive Ridley Turtle. This is one of the hidden places in Goa that is preferred by tourists who love spending time privately with their loved ones. The beach is located on the most scenic beaches on the banks of the Galgibag River in Canacona, South Goa. 


Talpona beach:

hidden places in south goa

Located in Canacona beach and Rajbag beach in South Goa, Talpona beach is not visited by the crowd. The shoreline is long and made of pure golden sand that makes the beach one of the best places to stray. Along with the unspoiled charm of nature, it is a part of the three beaches of Goa with pristine natural beauty. 


Polem beach:

hidden places in south goa

Polem beach is one of the southernmost beaches of Goa. It marks the beginning of the shoreline in Goa and is one of the least visited beaches by tourists. This place sprawls over a stretch that is at a distance of 3 KM from the golden sand. Enjoying moments of solitude and peace will not be missed out on any chance. The beach is popular for angling, sunbathing, and swimming.


Other popular remarkable places to visit in South Goa 

  • Betul Beach.
  • Cabo De Rama Fort.
  • Serbatim Beach.
  • Rajbagh Beach. 
  • Netravali Waterfalls.
  • Bamanbudo Waterfalls.
  • Kuskem Waterfalls.
  • Tambdi Surla.
  • Dudhsagar Falls.
  • Cavelossim Beach.
  • Patnem Beach.
  • Cola beach.
  • Varca beach.
  • Bigfoot Museum.
  • Goa Chitra Museum.
  • Shri Shatadurga Temple.
  • Palolem Beach
  • Colva
  • Vasco Da Gama


  • Silent Noise
  • Bogmalo
  • Varca
  • Colomb
  • Se Cathedral
  • Gatsby’s Pub
  • Assolna
  • Cavelossim
  • Loutolim
  • Patnem
  • Chandor
  • Majorda
  • Leopard Valley Club
  • Church of St. Cajetan
  • Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Hollant Beach
  • Down the Road
  • Church of Our Lady of the Mount
  • Betalbatim Beach
  • Wax World Museum
  • Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary & Mollem National Park
  • Cavelossim Beach
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus
  • Johnny Cool’s
  • Pequeno Island
  • St. Francis of Assisi Church
  • Velsao Beach
  • Margao
  • Dona Paula Beach

Top Places of Attractions in South Goa

  • Calangute beach
  • Fort Aguada.
  • Cruise in South Goa.
  • Water sports in Goa.
  • Anjuna beach.

Other Places To Visit In South Goa that are still unexplored 

  1. Palolem Beach (61 KM) 

Popular Activities: Dolphin Spotting, Yoga, Swimming, and Boating Trips.


  1. Vasco da Gama  (2.5 KM)

Popular Activities:  Snorkeling, Visit naval Aviation Museum, kayaking. 


  1. Agonda (62.3 KM)

Popular Activities: Yoga, meditation, hiking, dolphin spotting. 


  1. Colva beach  (21.6 KM)

Popular Activities: Swimming, Full Moon beach party.


  1. Silent Noise  (61.2 KM)

Popular Activities: dance, beach partying.


  1. Butterfly beach ( 60.4 KM)

Popular Activities: canoeing, Rock climbing, sunbathing, boating.


  1. Arossim (13.4 KM)

Popular Activities: Resort relaxing, partying, boat trips, Goan cuisine, vintage furniture shopping. 


  1. Mobor  (38.2 KM)

Popular Activities: Water Skiing, Windsurfing, jet Skiing, Windsurfing.


  1. Bogmalo  (5.4 KM)

Popular Activity: Scuba Diving, partying, Beach night parties, Spot dolphins.


  1. Benaulim  (27.2 KM)

Popular Activities: Indulge in seafood cuisines, Goan cuisines, shopping, and water spots. Scuba diving. 

What is special about South Goa?

Goa is a place of tourist attractions that is quintessential and filled with party pleasures and neon sparks. With strong shots of tequila partying on the beach and dancing to the beach in loud music is a special thing to experience the freedom of a free life. People visit this place with the hope to escape from the crowded city hustle and bustle. 


Besides this, there are North Goa’s places that are quiet and calm and offer a perfect place to chill out for a weekend holiday if you stay near South Goa. Defined by the uncrowded beaches and the languid fishing experience at the villages, the beautiful rice paddies, and the vibe of the laden lands have become more popular in this place. The area is now becoming the escape for the crowds.

FAQ on Hidden Places in South Goa 

What is the secret of Goa?

The best secret of Goa is in Fort Tiracol. It was restored in the 17th century during Portuguese history in Goa. It is the new heritage hotel right now in the confluence of the Tiracol River. From here you can take a ferry towards the confluence of the river and then reach the gorgeous fort. It offers a stunning bird-like eye view of the Kalancha along with the Querem beach. 

Where do the foreign visitors stay in South Goa?

The majestic Caravela Beach Resort caters to the needs of all the foreigners who come to Goa for a planned holiday with the most specially curated facilities meant for them in particular. Staying in these places of Goa, you will have a lifetime experience that will be cherished all the more. Foreigner-only beaches of Goa are known for the right kind of beaches. 

Which is the quiet part of South Goa?

Cavelossim is one of the quietest parts of South Goa. It is the most surprising beach in South Goa which offers a fantastic experience of the stunning beauty of the beach. The Sal River along with the Arabian Sea offers the most stunning beach experience in South Goa. Morjim Beach is popular and named Little Russia. Thus this beach is located in North Goa too but it is one of the quieter ones. 

Why is Goa famous for Couples?

Yes, Goa is a popular tourist spot for couples. It is more in demand compared to the other tourist places of attraction. It offers you a beach haven experience with plenty of beautiful places that one will need to visit in Goa. Suppose it is a vast and scenic beach beauty, the historic monuments, and lively nightclubs are more in demand. 

Which part of Goa is marked as South Goa?

Bounded by the North Goa district in the northern part, South Goa is one of the two districts in one state of Goa. It is a region between the Konkan. The Arabian Sea forms a part of the western coast. It is divided and works quite well. 

Which beach is Known as the Russian beach in Goa?

Morjim beach is known as the Russian beach in Goa. Morjim village is also known as Little Russia. Russian tourists also visit Querim aka Keri, Mandrem, Anjuna, and Morjim villages in North Goa where it isn’t surprising for finding landscapes entirely catering to the Russian population. 

Is South Goa better than North Goa?

The rocky shoreline of Anjuna beach makes an amazing picture. Suppose you are looking to soak in the typical hippie vibe, you must not visit the paragliding, parasailing scuba dive experience. Apart from these, tourists can enjoy kayaking, dolphin spotting, jet stream activities, water spots,  and beach parties in South Goa more than in North Goa. 

Do you think South Goa is worth visiting?

Yes, South Goa is worth visiting. Suppose you want scenic beauty and tranquil nature to enjoy, South Goa is home to rustic and pristine beaches that offer natural landscapes with picturesque beauty. Thus South Goa is a worthy place to visit more in comparison to North Goa. 

Which beach is considered the top beach in Goa?

Morjim beach is the No. 1 beach in Goa. It presents one of the best collections of wild expanses of sand for tourists who love to embrace the place during the Goa holidays. There are many other beaches in these tourist spots that include Baga beach, Arossim, Candolim and Calangute, and many more. 

Which are the most beautiful parts of South Goa? 

Popular places to visit in South Goa are Anjuna beach, Tito’s bar, Sinquerim beach, casino Cruise, Anjuna Flea market, and many other places. But these are the names that top the list. The weather of the place is also humid which allows visitors to stay here for a longer period of time. 


Final Words 

Lying on the western coast of South Goa, the place is in India’s smallest state and is unlike the endless beaches, stellar nightlife, electric seafood with world’s heritage-listed architecture. South Goa is famous for multiple places, tourist spots, beach parties, Carnivals, elegant discotheques, and club activities. 


If you are planning a short weekend trip, plan on being on any of the beaches in South Goa. 

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