Offbeat Hidden Places in North Goa That One Should Not Miss Out

Offbeat Hidden Places in North Goa That One Should Not Miss Out

Goa: Unfold The Hidden Places of Attraction

Goa is one of the famed places to visit during winter, summer, and rainy months. The place is known for its tourist attractions along with the traditional circuit of must-see destinations. These hidden places in North Goa overlook the mighty seas that bear the most fascinating views of the hidden places. 


If you are looking for a weekend full of splendid activities and fun, you will get to see the most memorable part of your life at the hidden places in Goa. Goa is divided into two distinctive parts. One is North Goa and the other one is South Goa. In both these places there are hidden places of attraction that most travelers are unaware of even today. 


It is time to break the circuit for the respite vacation along with the untouched gems. The divine places are waiting to get explored. It will be a blessing if you create a chance for yourself to hunt for some of the most pristine hidden places in Goa. Not only the rich biodiversity, but you can also catch hold of the historical places amidst Goa that can fully fascinate you with everlasting memories. 


Go off the beaten path with the best-hidden places in Goa that probably no one should miss out on. There are places that one should not leave untouched and not leave spoiled. It is therefore a place that has no mass tourism in these places. Seeing these places and watching crocodiles in the water is one of the best things to enjoy.

Don’t Miss Out on Hidden off-beat Tourist places  

There are places in the middle of the jungles that are left deserted and isolated for a longer period of time. So, what makes you wait longer? Book your tickets to the beach capital of India and explore the unexplored off-beat gems on the island. We have curated details about the untapped places of tourists in Goa. 


Besides the places to visit, you will be amazed at the food cuisines, joints for shopping lovers, local street cuisines, beach parties, and bazaars. These are the things that every tourist should try out doing while on the vacation here. If you are someone who loves to rejoice in offbeat vacation spots then Goa is right just for you. 


Welcome Heritage Inn Panjim:

hidden places in north goa

Catholic home was built by Francis Assis D’Silver along with the distinction of being Goa’s First classified heritage hotel. It retains the elegance as well as the charm of the bygone era. This is nestled in Goa for a long period of time. The distance from Panjim is at a distance of 1.5 KM for 4 minutes. The cost for the two is approximately Rs. 5200/- onwards. The area has antiques from the Art Gallery and some rare collectables. 


Sinquerim Beach:

hidden places in north goa

Located at the southern end of North Goa is just a short drive from the capital Panjim Sinquerim Beach. This beach manages to hold its quiet nature.  Backed by verdant green palm trees, the area boasts the presence of the 16th-century Fort Aguada. It offers an uninterrupted beach experience of 6.2 KM. It gives a wonderful experience for travelers who visit North Goa with the hope to get awesome assistance. 


Harvalem Falls:

hidden places in north goa

Harvalem Falls is one of the lesser-known tourist spots compared to the other places in North Goa. This waterfall is at a height of 70 meters. It gives significant glory and the noise that seems rhythmic to the ears. During rainy days, the falls seem more interesting and full of water that bangs the trees and the rocks with a serene and scenic flow.   


Morjim & Ashvem Beaches:

hidden places in north goa

Morjim & Ashvem beaches define the wild and picturesque quality along with the smattering of trendy bars at the beach. One of the most famous features of these beaches is in North Goa. nestling grounds for the world-famous Olive Ridley sea turtle that the aquatic creatures visit the sand between October and March. 


Calangute Beach:

hidden places in north goa

Calangute Beach and Baga Beach offer a long stretch of sand that extends from the mouth of the Baga River. Whether you want to sunbathe or spend some time on the beaches of Goa, you can get to enjoy plenty of colors, atmosphere, and leisure activities for embracing on and around the sand. The real highlight of the place is the beaches and the Goan cuisine that attracts almost a crowd of tourists every year. 


Galigaba Beach:

hidden places in north goa

Galgibaga beach is regarded as one of the hidden places in Goa. There are hidden treasures in Goa that are unknown to tourists who come to Goa. It is one of Goa’s three spots that act as a breeding place for turtles named Olive Ridley. Olive Ridley is among the rare species. The northern portion of the beach is a protected ground for turtles. And, that is the reason why this beach is also known as Turtle Beach. The location of beach is on the south of Talpona River, South Goa in the Canacona region. 


Bamanbudo Waterfalls:

hidden places in north goa

Bamanbudo waterfalls are one of the most pristine waterfalls. It forms one of the Ambe Ghat’s backdrops. It attracts a low number of tourists which remains unexplored. This waterfall has clean water which requires minimum trekking to reach upwards. The fall resides in the Gadongrem village in South Goa. Sometimes the water flows all across the road. 


Fort Tiracol:

hidden places in north goa

The location of Fort Tiracol is near Querim Beach which is administered under Pernem Administrative Region in North Goa. Fort Tiracol resides near Tiracol River. Portuguese and contemporary interior designs here give the fort a wonderful experience. There are two suits and five deluxe rooms. These are open from Monday to Thursday. The fort is just too good for travelers if they are planning to explore the hidden places in Goa.


Kakolem Beach:

hidden places in north goa

Kakolem beach is regarded as Tiger Beach. Travelers can move ahead to the isolated beaches which are on the southern part of Cabo De Rama resort. There is no service for rescue on this beach therefore people are restricted to swim here unless they are experienced. The distance to Kakolem beach from Cabo De Rama resort is 7 KM. 


Vagator Beach:

hidden places in north goa

Vagator Beach is considered to be a stunning beach that offers dramatic red cliffs which adorn the shore of Vagator Beach. Big Vagator and Little Vagator are the two sections of one beach. The beach here is split into two divisions. It is indeed a perfect place to put your feet up and then take a dose of the sand, sun, and sea at the same time. Here travelers can have wonderful nightlife and enjoy lovely sunsets. Water activities like jet skiing and paragliding are also held here.    


Arvalem Caves:

hidden places in north goa

Arvalem caves are in the Rudreshwar Colony in North Goa.  It is also popularly known as the Pandavas caves. These caves are historically significant. Some believe that these caves had been the shelter for Pandavas during the time of Mahabharata. They took shelter and thus there are five compartments in the caves. The rock has precise cuts into laterite stones that are incredibly mysterious from all parts. 


Chorla Ghats:

hidden places in goa

Chorla Ghat is one of the best Indian destinations in North Goa. The location of this Ghat is at the Sahyadri Mountain Ridge off Sankhali, Chorla in North Goa. It is located in the northeast region of Panji. It is about 50 KM from the road. There are a handful of species that are a part of the endangered animals known as the barred wolf-snake. 


Chapora Fort:

hidden places in goa

Chapora Fort gives captured the attention of wanderlust souls all around the country. Dating back to 1717, the fort is a silent witness to that the historical events which unfold here over the ages. Standing above the hilltop which is near the Chapora River offers a view of excellent views of the surrounding areas which are definitely worth a visit. The best time to visit is from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm every day. 


Anjuna Beach:

hidden places in goa

Anjuna Beach is in the northern part of Goa. Anjuna beach. It embodies Goan life through the beaches. The rocky shore of the beach offers a fantastic vibe along with the flea market that is held every Wednesday. In addition to this, there are major activities held on the beach namely- Scuba diving, windsurfing, paragliding, water skiing, banana riding, dolphin sighting, and water scooter. 


Fort Aguada:

hidden places in goa

Majestic is the word that truly defines Fort Aguada. It is one of the hidden places in North Goa. The fort enjoys a strategic location even as the waves of the Arabian Sea play all along the lofty walls. Steeped in history, the colossal fort takes you back to the 17th century and offers a spectacular view of the sea which spreads in front of it. The location of the place is in Candolim. The right time to visit the fort is from 9:30 am to 6 pm every day. 


Baga Beach:

hidden places in goa

Baga Beach is a tourist place that is named after the Baga creek which makes the way towards the Arabian Sea. Baga is the perfect place to enjoy a thrilling day and party by visiting the hangouts located right on the beach. Here travelers can find cafes like Tito’s, Mambos and Britto’s lining the beach. Baga Beach definitely counts among the best destinations for parties in Goa. Motorboat rides, scuba diving, dolphin trip, windsurfing, water scooter, water skiing, and banana ride are the major attractions. 


Candolim Beach:

hidden places in goa

Candolim Beach offers a tranquil ambience with thrilling water sports. The enchanting nightlife makes Candolim one of the best appealing beaches to explore in the north. Suppose you are looking to enjoy adventurous water-based activities on a calm and serene beach, Candolim is the best place to enjoy. You will be able to enjoy the spellbinding beauty of the beach along the hidden places in North Goa. 


Reis Magos Fort:

hidden places in goa

Reis Magos Fort is one of the best places that have less people to unfold within the walls. Today, the fort serves as a cultural centre and draws a large number of tourists. The location of the place is Bardez which is in North Goa. The time to visit the place is from 9:30 am to 5 pm. The place is covered with the right lush greenery and rocks on all sides. 


Basilica of Bom Jesus:

hidden places in goa


Basilica of Bom Jesus is a place which has the right ardent traveler of the history buff. The name basilica of bom Jesus needs no special introduction. It is regarded as a UNESCO heritage site in Goa. The church is 400 years old and it boasts a Portuguese style of architecture. The walls have paintings that are related to the life of St Xavier along with the relics of other saints like Jesus Rudolf Acquaviva and Antoni Francisci. The timing of Goa is Old Goa Road. The time to visit from Monday to Saturday is 9 am to 6:30 pm. 

Other Popular Hidden Places In North Goa To Visit 

  • The Church of Mae De Deus.
  • The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception.
  • Chapel of St. Catherine.
  • Mangeshi Temple.
  • Mahalaxmi Temple. 
  • Temple of Bodgeshwar.
  • State Museum of Goa, Panaji.
  • Houses of Goa Museum.
  • Christian Art Museum.
  • Anjuna Flea Market.
  • Arpora Night Market. 
  • Mapusa Market.
  • Deltin Royale.
  • Casino Pride. 
  • Beach Stack of Curlie.
  • Britto’s Shack.
  • Watson’s Grub Pub. 

What is Anjuna Flea Market Famous For?

Anjuna Flea market is one of the names that top the list when we talk about hidden places in North Goa. It is counted among the best markets in Goa which is popular for Tibetan goods at the cheapest throw-away prices. Not only Goan shirts, dresses or beach attires, Goa is also popular for other activities like body piercings, knick-knacks, funky jewelry, live music, food stalls, and other entertainment activities in and around the market. Remember the market is open only from October to May, so plan a visit accordingly when you are in North Goa. 

What You Should Buy From North Goa Anjuna Beach?

Anjuna beach is counted among the best markets in Goa. It is open from 8 am to 6 pm every day except for Wednesday. Travelers can buy Tibetan goodies, handicrafts, footwear, clothes, jewelry, souvenirs, body piercing, food stalls and the latest cuisines. If you are planning to visit Goa with your friends and families or even on a solo trip, you can also expect to spend a wonderful time in North Goa. So, pack the bags and create your Goa travel diaries. The cost for two estimates is about Rs. 1250/- at Watson’s Pub. The shacks and the pubs at Anjuna beach offer signature dishes for the travelers. 


Other Renowned Pubs and Restaurants In North Goa

Goa is a place which is the land of the sun and sand together. It has a number of pubs and restaurants to add to the spark of the people where you can chill out to sumptuous food, drinks and music. So, here are a handful of places to eat and dine among the hidden places in North Goa that offer a grand visit to North Goa. 


  • Soro (A village Pub).
  • Cavala (Calangute- Baga Beach).
  • Curlie’s Beach Shack (Anjuna).
  • Britto’s Shack (Baga).
  • Watson’s Grub Pub (Candolim).
  • Bhatti Village (Nerul).
  • Tuscany Gardens (Candolim).
  • Spice Goa (Mapusa).
  • Thalassa (Vagator).


Britto’s Shack:

The place offers an extensive menu covering 400+ dishes that are selected from a wide array of cuisines. Now it is time to dig into the authentic Goan food and enjoy the amazing view of the Baga Beach along with the turquoise water. It is open from 8 AM to 12 PM at midnight every day. The cost of the two is Rs. 1400/- on an average. The authentic food here is known for the taste and the way the people serve it. 


Special Food:

Prawns, Butter Chicken, Chocolate Smoothie, cocktails, mocktails. 


Curlie’s Beach Shack:

This is another beach shack where people love to relax and have a good time with friends. There are ways to enjoy water sports near the shack at much affordable rates for both men and women. Here you will have to enjoy a sea-view veranda, tea house, indoor club and Indian dishes.


Special Dishes:

The shack is known to serve excellent Goan, Continental, Italian and North Indian dishes to the travelers. One more thing do not forget to taste the roasted Pork, Shaksouka, paneer tikka and cocktails over here. The location is in the Anjuna Beach. The timings of the Shack operate from 8:30 am to 3 pm. The cost of the two estimates is about Rs. 1500/. 

FAQs on the Hidden Places in North Goa

Q1. Which is the hidden reservoir in North Goa?

Ans1. Tordo Lake is one of the hidden reservoirs in North Goa. It is perfect to enjoy a soothing time and allow the hush waters of the river. Moreover the activities like fishing, visitors also admire a boat ride that allows the locals with the most happily provided atmosphere. 

Q2. Which is the isolated place in Goa?

Ans2. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is the most isolated place in Goa. Basically, tourists gather in Goa to enjoy the beach life away from the harsh city life. Thus only a few handful of people are aware of this place and its place. It is named after Dr. Salim Ali  Moizuddin Ali, a popular ornithologist in India.  

Q3. Which is the hidden place in Arambol Goa?

Ans3. The hidden place in Arambol Goa is the Paliem Sweet Water Lake. It is about 20 minutes of walking distance through the Arambol cliff market That will take you to this lake. People who love being amidst nature must visit this place. It will help you cherish the moments among the lush green. 

Q4. Which beach in North Goa is considered to be the cleanest beach?

Ans4. Sinquerium Beach in North Goa is considered to be the cleanest beach and one of the hidden places in Goa. It is comparatively cleaner but has coarser sands along a peaceful stretch that allows you to unwind on the beach that is backed by the green palms passing by the Taj Fort Aguada.

Q5. What makes North Goa so special among tourists?

Ans5. Tourists in North Goa offer a lively Goan life with the most enticing landscape for some of the best things to do in North Goa. People here enjoy the water sports activities on the golden beaches, and spice plantation tours in the jungles. Trekking offers more gorgeous waterfalls in the state. 

Q6. Which beach has the crowd of foreigners in North Goa?

Ans6. Arambol beach has the most crowd of foreigners in North Goa. The beach is known for its sandy beach, coconut palms, and the most serene atmosphere. The beach is popular among tourists for its best cuisine, cafes, and barbeque parties that are often held here. 

Q7. Do You Think 2 days stay is enough for the North Goa tour?

Ans7. A 2 days tour is enough to experience North Goa at its best. If you are planning to visit Goa, do not miss out on visiting the azure beaches that are truly mesmeric. You can plan for a half-day beach hopping where travelers can sunbathe and relax with the thrilling water sports activities. 

Final Words 

North Goa can give you a stunning experience of a dramatic breathtaking experience among tourists. So, now if you are ready to surrender yourself to multiple experiences, check the most captivating places to visit in North Goa. 

Sparkling with the sea, sand, and sunshine, North Goa welcomes you to a picturesque view of the natural beauty. North Goa and the hidden places in Goa are dotted with magnificent and ancient forts, gorgeous churches, electrifying party hotspots, famous shacks, and buzzing with joyous life.

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