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PNR, PNR number or PNR code stands for Passenger Name Record. It provides complete information about any passenger or group of passengers boarding a train or plane. It is maintained in the Indian Railways Computer Reservation System(IR-CRS) database. The number consists of a unique 10-digit number. This number is generated only afte,r the system has collected every data of the passenger. The data includes-

● Personal details like name, age, gender, etc.
● Ticket details like train number, arrival at, departure from, date, reservation class, etc.
● Payment details like transaction ID, payment method, the amount paid, etc.

The first three digits of the number tell us from which PRS (Passenger Reservation System) the ticket has been booked, while the last digits are generated to make the number unique. The validity of the PNR number is about 9 months.

With this unique number, you can access various benefits of railways like ordering food to your seat, booking rooms and dorms, and availing it at cheaper rates on stations by just telling your PNR number.

Furthermore, with the PNR number, you can easily get the PNR status online of whether your tickets have been confirmed or not and other updates on their journey.


What is railway PNR status?

The 10-digit code number contains every detail of a passenger or a group of passengers, from their personal information to transaction details. This number, as mentioned above, helps in various ways for a traveler to swiftly complete his journey.
PNR number is printed in the top-left corner of the ticket, while on online tickets it is shown at the top in a separate cell.
Every train has a limited number of seats, whether reserved or non-reserved. While sometimes booking a ticket can be very difficult and other times knowing its status. The status of waitlisted tickets changes right after the availability of any reserved seats which become vacant due to cancellation. This new reservation status generated in the PNR is called PNR status.

How to Check IRCTC PNR Status?

Check Railway PNR Status

To check your IRCTC PNR status, you can either visit the official website or use a third-party website. To do so, you will need to enter 10 digit PNR number in the provided space. Once you have entered the number, click on the 'Check PNR Status' button. The current status of your ticket will be displayed on the screen.

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Indian railway PNR status live.

PNR numbers are recorded in the railway information systems server. when we are searching PNR status inquiry. Kindly open enter the PNR, and check PNR status online. always database of Indian railways storage unique PNR number.

Different types of PNR status:

Railway reservation form

CNF – It stands for 'confirmed'. Once the seat is booked, the status is shown as confirmed.
RAC – It means Reservation Against Cancellation. When the status is shown as 'RAC', it means that the seat is booked, but the berth has to be divided into two seats.
WL – The ticket is shown as WL when it is waitlisted. It can only be confirmed if any passenger of the same train has canceled his ticket.
CAN – CAN – The status is shown as 'CAN' when the ticket has been canceled.
NOSB - It stands for No Seat Berth, which means that the passenger's journey will be allowed without any seat.
GNWL - The General Waiting List is that status where the possibility of getting the ticket confirmed is very high.

Indian Railways Acronyms and Abbreviations.

 pnr status

Term Full Form Category

PNR Passenger Name Record Indian Railways.
WL Waiting List Indian Railways.
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation Indian Railways.
SL Sleeper Class Indian Railways.
3A AC 3 Tier Indian Railways.
3 EAC 3 Tier Economy Indian Railways.
2S Second Sitting Indian Railways.
FC First Class Indian Railways.
2A AC 2-Tier Sleeper Indian Railways.
1A First Class AC Indian Railways.

How to check the railway PNR number?

 pnr status

• open Indian railway website or irctc website.
• enter a 10 digit PNR number.
• PNR number is generally printed on top of the ticket.
• check your PNR status.
• also, check the booking status and current status.

Different modes to check live PNR status live

PNR number had generally printed on top of the ticket.
PNR status can be checked by website, SMS, mobile app, or railway inquiry.

Mobile applications- Due to the advancement of technology, one can also find several apps, developed by unofficial sources for Android, iOS, and windows. pnr status using your smartphone.
Contacting railways – The last and simple resort to find PNR status would be to simply ask the railway inquiry counters. The attendee will provide you with the information.
Through websites – Several websites are available for PNR status check and made for the public to view and get updates about their train ticket. type PNR number and click. This includes,,, it's super easy to check.
Through SMS – Railways also made SMS service for the public, as most of the people who travel by train are not technology-friendly. People with no internet access find it easy and useful. Some of them are:
1. 139 SMS service- To get the status of your train tickets, one needs to send their PNR number to 139. For example, PNR 153882086, and check the PNR status.
2. 5676747 SMS service - This message is mostly maintained by the rail zone. To get your PNR current status, you have to send your PNR number to 567674t, and get PNR status.

About 10 Digit PNR Number

• 1 = PNR starting with '1' are issued from SCR Zone (issued from Secunderabad PRS).
• 2 and 3 = PNR issued from Delhi PRS (NR, NCR, NWR, or NER Zone) railway zones.
• 4 and 5 = PNR issued from Chennai PRS (SR, SWR, or SCR) railway zones.
• 6 and 7 = PNR issued from Kolkata PRS (NFR, ECR, ER, EcoR, SER, or SECR) railway zones.
• 8 and 9 = PNR issued from Mumbai PRS (CR, WCR, or WR) railway zones.

Indian Railway Final Reservation Charts.

The Indian Railway Final Reservation Charts are a set of charts that are used by the Indian Railways to make the final reservations for trains. These charts a, re-used to ensure that all the trains running on the Indian Railways network are properly reserved and that there is no overbooking of trains. The charts are also used to determine the route of each train and the stops that it will make.
you can check the chart status through the website but the first reservation chart will be put up about 4 hours before the departure of the train.
• 1st enter your 10 digit pnr number.
• PNR number in the search.
• Get live pnr Status.
• check the current status of the ticket.
• get live ticket booking status.

10-digit PNR Number.

A 10 digit PNR number is a unique code that is assigned to each individual passenger when they book a train ticket. This number can be used to track the passenger's booking and reservation status.

Get pnr status in hindi?

To get PNR status in Hindi, you can either use the official IRCTC website or download the official IRCTC mobile app. Once you have logged in, you will be able to see your PNR status in Hindi. enter PNR नंबर and check PNR status enquiry.

online ticket booking.

• open irctc train website.
• check the new current reservation status.
• type your boarding railway station.
• fill out the reservation booking form.
• booking ticket.
• check booking status.

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Wrapping up:

Railways have been an important part of India's transportation system. Every day, railways witness millions of people traveling from one place to another.
For this, Indian Railways try to provide the best of all for its passengers, to make their journey a memorable one.

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