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Sittong Homestay

Sittong Homestay

Sittong village in the Kurseong CD block in the Kurseong subdivision of the Darjeeling district of West Bengal in India. Sittong homestay is one of the top options to choose which people prefer to stay in as it is an economical choice always. This place is known for its orange cultivation. The orange orchards here offer a visual treat to the visitors. 


Sittong is at the highest elevation at 26.93662’ N 88.36736’ E. It is in the Riyang River Valley, where Mangpu is at a distance of 20 KM, with Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary at a distance of 13 KM. The map alongside shows the eastern portion of the Darjeeling Himalayan hill region of the small region in the Terai region. 


Sittong is in the Darjeeling Sadar subdivision, comprising 61.00% of the entire population in the rural areas. But in the Sittong subdivision, the population percentage is 59.41% of the complete life cycle in the rural areas, along with 41.5% living in the urban areas. There is so much to offer in the tourist spots apart from its oranges. 

What does the word Sittong mean? 

Sittong the world means an orange village. It is a cluster of small villages all set in the division of Kurseong. The place is mostly in the lap of the Himalayas. It is certainly one of the most popular budget destinations that offer fine Sittong Homestay in the hills of North Bengal. 


What are the outdoor activities near Sittong? 

Multiple outdoor activities are performed in Sittong. It is quite popular but less trodden by tourists due to its height. Presently tourists have started going to Sittong and exploring the natural beauty that hides in the surroundings in the lush greenery.


Outdoor exploring:  Orange is the color, and it adds to the real beauty of Sittong. The best time to experience outdoor activities here is during the winter months. And the orange cultivation here makes the place the most popular among the other tourist places in North Bengal and other parts of West Bengal. 

Yaksha explores: This is another site of tourism that is community-based. It is where you can go to fetch the feeling of community life. Here in these sites, you will enjoy the best tourist sites with all other nearby attractions at Sittong. 


Campfire: Campfire is another kind of outdoor activity popular in Sittong. It is a mode for relaxation and helps unwind in the evening by the campfire held near any of the Sittong homestays with your near and dear ones. 


Birds Watching & Butterfly seeing: Tourists mostly visit Sittong with the hope of catching sight of colorful birds and butterflies at the same time. If you are fond of adventures, go out in the wild for some untamed natural territories set among the hills and the forests. 


Trekking Activities: Trekking activities are one of the top preferences in the list of outdoor activities in Sittong. Those fond of adventure would find trekking in Sittong quite cool and an adrenaline rush kind of activity. 


Exploring The Orange Orchids: Sittong is popular for its orange cultivation. In addition to this, Sittong is divided into three parts- Upper, Middle, and Lower Sittong. All these places have specialties of their own. Orange cultivation here is done in mass, and farmers take complete care of the fruits to export to different parts of the country and abroad. 

What are the places of nearby attractions in Sittong?

Multiple areas hold a special feeling of attraction in Sittong. Out of so many special places, there are a few remarkable areas of attraction in Sittong. They are as follows:


Steel Bridge Jogighat:

This is a point where the scenic beauty overrules the place. The bridge here connects two places quite well. These two places are Sittong and Mungpoo. The place is built over the River Riyang. There is greenery all around the surrounding areas. 



This is another popular destination in Sittong. Mungpoo is a village where Guru Rabindranath Tagore was once believed to have built a home. It is thus remarked as a popular hill station by the Poet Rabindranath Tagore. 


Namthing Lake:

Nature is in its best mood here. The whole region is entirely adorned with lush green trees and is surrounded by it. Travelers here also witness the touch of a natural lake full of rare species along with the salamanders found here. It is popular from July till September.  



Are you a wild enthusiast? It is a part of the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a must-visit for you. This place is located at an elevation of almost 5000 feet and hosts a huge variety of birds and animals. A few budgets for Sittong Homestay at these places attract tourists almost throughout the year. 


Maldiram or Mahal Diram:

This place greatly influences the atmosphere, clouds, and mist around you. It is located almost at the height of above 6200 feet from sea level. This is just at a distance of 4.2 KM from Sittong. Travelers mainly come here for their pre and post-wedding shoots.



Ahaldara is one of the popular hilltop stations, which is 5 KMs away from Latpanchar with an exotic 360 degrees of the place. On a clear sunny day, you can visit other places like Gangtok, Kalimpong, Algara, Bagora, and Tinchuley Hills. 

Contact Numbers of Popular Sittong Homestays


  • Avocado Homestay Sittong: 7872331008.
  • Nature lover Homestay Sittong: 9733014672.
  • Heritage Homestay Sittong: 9832798256.
  • Amar Bari Sittong Homestay: 98300 69008.
  • Ahaldara Viewpoint homestay: 9475959974.
  • Bethlehem Homestay: 8145990190.
  • Satya Jai Homestay: 9474029528.
  • Little Hill Homestay: 9382997129.


How many divisions are there in Sittong?

Sittong is divided into three different sections. Upper, Middle, and Lower sections. From Upper Sittong, travelers can see Mt. Kanchenjunga. And this place is also renowned as Ghaletar. It is a common sight in Sittong that pictures every house with a garden. Sittong Homestay is also available here, with good food and a safe ambiance. 


Traveling through Sittong is like having a time travel journey through the bamboo bridge, a winding path, and the church at the corner of the roads that lead through the orange orchards. A few meandering streams fuse with the brook, and people call it the Riyang River. The area is not very tourist visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature. 

What Is The Best Time to Visit the Sittong? 

The harvesting and blossoming season of oranges is from November to January. Winter is the right time to visit Sittong, for you can glance at every beautiful aspect of nature. 


Warm clothes are a must-have as it becomes chilly for the months. Besides this, the place has a wonderful view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, its pristine environment, and the vacation plan. From some Sittong homestays, watching the Kanchenjunga is a delightful treat to the eyes. 


In addition to this, the time between 15th December till 15th January marks the best time for orange cultivation. If you are up for any weekend plan, Sittong homestay can be your shelter for the next trip. 

The cost required for the journey starts from Rs. 1450/- onwards, with 5% GST per head added to the cost. This price includes all the meals in this charge. Three cottage rooms with accommodation and Rs. 1500/- per head. 

How Can One Reach Sittong?

By Train:  There are major stations that connect Siliguri to Sittong. It is at a distance of 48 KM, and NJP station is at a distance of 52 KM from Sittong. The cabs take about 2 to 2.5 hours to reach, depending on the weather condition and the roads. 


By Flight: Bagdogra Airport is located at a distance of 56 KM from the town. It takes 2 Hours and 30 minutes to reach, depending on the road condition and the distance of the place during the climate you choose to travel. 


By Bus: From both Kalihara and Brikdara station, there is a straight route which has gone to the crossing and then turns towards the straight route, which is intersected at Mana crossing, and then you can travel 500 meters downhill through Ghaletar main road. You can reach here from Siliguri through the Sevoke Kalijhora tract available on NH 31/A. It may take almost 2 to 3 hours to reach by bus. 

What is the kind of service at the Sittong Homestays? 

Sittong Homestay for Nature Lovers is a popular place famous for its hospitality and lodging. The visitors here share Homestays at affordable prices. The homestay has the Ahaldara & Latpanchar place, which flows nearby. Sittong Homestay villa surrounds the beauty of nature through the beautiful mountain range. 


The Homestays offer ample space for campfires. In addition to this, administration and check-in in this homestay are too good and safe. The administration services at every Sittong homestay have the best services for all tourists. Tourism is also the main reason that contributes to the country’s economy. 


Facilities at the Sittong Homestay are as follows:


  • Car booking services.
  • Dining Hall.
  • Sightseeing.
  • Car parking spaces.


Why Is Sittong So Popular?

Sittong is a popular place that is famous for its orange cultivation. The orange orchards here are a perfect treat for all travelers to Sittong backdrops. It is indeed enjoying eye-catching beauty. There are numerous orange gardens in and around Sittong. 


Is Kanchenjunga visible from the Sittong Homestays?

Yes, Kanchenjunga is visible from Sittong Homestays. The area is blessed with temperate weather. Winter is the best time to visit Sittong and catch a clear view of Mt Kanchenjunga. 


What is the fare of the car to Sittong from Darjeeling?

The car price from Darjeeling to Sittong is Rs. 3100/-. You can book your cab online or with Gozo cabs for a much more comfortable journey. So, the decision is all yours, but it is best to book after choosing an economical option. 


Final Words

If you are looking for a place at the heart of Darjeeling’s orange growing area, Sittong homestay is the best place to steal some glimpses. It is a place popular for tourism. 


Moreover, Sittong has multiple places to offer tourists apart from its oranges. It is a cluster of villages spread over a larger acre of land. This is also known as Sittong Khasmahal. 

So, the next time you plan to visit any hill station within an affordable budget, go out for Sittong. 


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