Popular IndiGo Domestic Flight Routes

What Are The Popular IndiGo Domestic Flight Routes?

Popular IndiGo Domestic Flight Routes

IndiGo is the largest passenger airline. It has a total market share of 58.7% as of October 2022. Popular routes of IndiGo Domestic Flights are running regularly without delays. They primarily operate in the Indian domestic belt of air travel routes. To check the Indigo flight PNR status you need to make sure that your booking for the specific flight is already done. 

About IndiGo

IndiGo has access to Economy class for its passengers. There are no options for Business or First Class. Passengers can choose their flight seats through the process of booking online or physically checking in at the airport's airline counter. The charges airlines come with an additional fee for business classes on popular routes of IndiGo domestic flights.

Thus they have features such as-

  • Lounge access
  • Priority check-in

IndiGo provides passengers with the option of checking in online. If you do not have any check-in luggage, you can opt for a web check-in. They also provide insurance for domestic travel on the popular routes of IndiGo domestic flights. 

IndiGO flights are crowned as reliable flights operating since 2006. The main focus of indiGo airlines is to provide low fares, affordable fare rates, generous hospitality to the passengers, punctual arrivals, and departures to the destinations. 

Here is a list of popular routes of IndiGo domestic flights-

Indigo's popular IndiGo domestic flights run from these busiest airports-

  • Indigo has the most flights to the following airports:
  • Jaipur International Airport (JAI).
  • Chandigarh Airport (IXC).
  • Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport (IDR).
  • Swami Vivekananda Airport (RPR).
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM).

Apart from this, there are 20 other airports that are served by indiGo flights regularly. And, Delhi to Doha is the cheapest route by IndiGo flights.  And, if you book your tickets for Thursday, you are eligible for the cheapest flight fares available. The lowest fare in IndiGo flights starts from 1299/- and it rises based on the destinations you select to travel. 

Medical facilities in the IndiGo flights 

Foreign passengers who have their work permits in India are eligible to purchase insurance for Domestic Travel. Here they are also given in-flight magazines and meals with snacks for an additional fee. Medical facilities are also available for those who require them. While checking the Indigo flight PNR status you can also check the facilities the flight is offering to each passenger. 

IndiGo operates in more than 958 different routes per year, including 809 domestic routes and 150 international routes. IndiGo flights are routed to fly to 16 different countries in one year. IndiGo's most popular domestic destination is New Delhi. For international routes, the most popular international destination is Dubai.

How do I check the PNR status of an IndiGo flight?

For checking the Indigo flight PNR status, you will need to use the online Flight tracker. The next step is to enter the name of the airport or the flight number with details. Once you are done, you will have to click on Track Flight and receive the latest updates on arrival, departures, gate numbers, terminals, and other related information.

Final Words

If you have flexible tour plans, check out the range of IndiGo flight routes to different destinations. IndiGo also provides flight status updates by calling on 09910383838 or by visiting the official website of www.goindigo.in

Get the latest IndiGo Airline flight routes and schedules. IndiGo flights offer full instant refunds if you cancel the flights on specific dates. 


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