Popular GoAir Domestic Flights

Know The Popular GoAir Domestic Flights & Their Timings

popular GoAir domestic flights

GoAir is much better than many other flight brands. The flights of GoAir are called budget airlines. And, all seats are made comfortable for all passengers. The popular GoAir domestic flights are discussed ahead in this article. 

What Is So Special About GoAir Flight Reservations?

GoAir is a Mumbai-based domestic airline. Paytm has amazing deals, discounts, and offers on GoAir flight tickets for various destinations. Paytm now offers GoAir flight booking at the lowest airfare with attractive benefits.

History Behind GoAir Flights

Founded in 2005 by the Wadia Group, GoAir was introduced by an Indian business conglomerate led by Jehangir Wadia, the son of Nusli Wadia. He was a well-known Mumbai industrialist. This airline is Mumbai's low-cost carrier.

British Airways decided to buy this airline in 2009, but GoAir attempted to merge with SpiceJet, but the deal fell through. GoAir's benchmarking market share has propelled their place to be the fifth largest airline group in India.

The airline has an 8.4% market share. It ranks as India's fifth-largest airline. The airline currently operates over 140+ domestic flights per day to almost 23 cities. This includes Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Goa, Coimbatore, and Chennai.

Rewards Accomplished By GoAir Flights-

  • Airbus Best Operational Excellence -2012
  • Worldwide Award for Best Operational Excellence - A320 Family
  • Small Fleet-2014 Airbus Best Operational Excellence -2017


Popular GoAir Domestic Flights & Their Timings- 

Delhi - Mumbai

GoAir (G8-446)

Arrival: 14:10

Departure: 16:20

2h 10m


Lucknow - Delhi

GoAir (G8-182)



1h 5m


Delhi - Lucknow

GoAir (G8-181)



0h 55m


Delhi - Patna

GoAir (G8-131)



01h 35m


Delhi - Mumbai

GoAir (G8-544)



2h 10m


Delhi - Patna

GoAir (G8-149)



01h 35m

What is the size of GoAir Cabin baggage for domestic flights?

The size of the GoAir cabin baggage is 114.8 cm in total. It includes length, width, and height. Cabin baggage is limited to a maximum weight of 6-7 kg. Extra luggage will be charged according to the baggage policy. GoAir passengers can bring in one bag, purse, or laptop as cabin baggage. The luggage of passengers should not exceed the permitted GoAir baggage weight and dimension. 

How can your baggage be checked for Domestic Flights?

According to the flight policy of GoAir baggage, the checked dimensions of the baggage must not exceed 157.5 cm and must not weigh more than 42 kg or else the airlines will discard every piece of luggage. If the passenger's luggage exceeds the permitted weight or dimension, one will have to pay for the additional charges.

How Is GoAir Check-In through Web check-in Conducted?

GoAir airlines offer web check-in for passengers who have purchased their tickets online. Passengers must check in online 72 hours before their flight using their PNR status along with the details such as the last name of the passenger or the email address. You can get the details on your valid mobile number with the purpose of showing it at the counter. But, it is best to keep a printed copy along for safety measures. 

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Information of GoAir Flight details-

GoAir currently serves 22 cities in India and has a fleet of 38 aircraft.

  • 19 Airbus A320-200 aircraft are currently in service — There is a total passenger capacity of 180.
  • Airbus A320neo - 19 aircraft are currently in service — A total of 186 passengers can be accommodated.

Before we part- 


If you are planning to travel on any of the air routes that GoAir travels for, try out the booking for popular GoAir domestic flights so that your trip is marked with comfort, luxury, safe and fast. Always remember to maintain Covid rules whenever you are traveling with GoAir Flights. 

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