Loktak Lake

Do You Think Visting Loktak Lake Is Worthwhile? 

Loktak Lake

Yes, tourism was one of the motivators behind the government's mismanaged operations in the past times. The state's main attraction is in the Bishnupur District for those who visit Manipur. It is 48 kms from Imphal City. Boating and other water sports are organized at Takmu Water Sports Complex. 

Loktak lake is the lifeline for the locals in Manipur.

Loktak Lake in Manipur has a length of 35 km and 13 km in width. The surface area is set to 250 square km. The cities near Loktak lake are Moirang and Imphal. The river inflow is in the river to enjoy the Manipuri beauty of the Lake in India. Moments spent at Loktak lake are considered to be a lifetime of memory. 

Besides this, tourists catch an attraction of the Lake's view from Sendra. Fishermen living on the islands of Phumdis are always ready for fishing. There are a series of floating islands on the boat, an exclusive sight in the Manipur state in northeastern India. 

These cover a substantial part of the area of the lakes. It forms heterogeneous vegetation masses with soil and organic matter in the form of different stages of decay. The Lake holds a distinctive ecosystem. It is situated about 42km on the southern side of Imphal, the capital city of Manipur. 

It is with the archipelago of floating islands by creating the floating biomass with Phumidis or strong hut. These huts hold unique sights of the Lake. The Sendra Tourist Home offers the attached cafeteria along the sought-after tourist spot.  

Role Of Loktak Development Authority  

LDA, or Loktak Development Authority, is synonymous with perfection and success. It is the nodal state government organization mandated for the conservation available for sustainable management for the diverse biodiversity of Loktak Lake in Manipur around the Lake. 

The view of the Lake is great from any guest house near Loktak Lake is highly recommended. The hydropower in this place is well-maintained with proper facilities. 

Apart from hydropower generation, fishing is one of the perfect ways to form a safe base for houses made on it. The area also provides guests with the facility of floating homestays to boost the livelihood of the place. This forms a safe base for the houses made on it. 

What is Thenga near Loktak Lake? 

Thanga is an island village situated in Loktak Lake. It is in the district of bishnupur, Manipur. In this village, the livelihood of the village is fishing. And the main occupation is what the family entirely depends upon. 

Loktak Lake Authority is also equipped with modern equipment and machinery for land and water management that needs conservation and management. The main objective of Loktak Lake is to restore and develop biodiversity for the present as well as the generations of the future. 

How does the law protect Manipur Loktak Lake? 

It has been almost three years since the lake authority started taking care of the place as a professional lake management system. The Lake was initially designated under the aegis of the Department of irrigation. 

The enactment of the Manipur Loktak lake protection Act, 2006, notifies the Manipur Gazette Imphal on a legal basis to provide for control and protection and incidental.


The Lake's stunning natural beauty provides certain splendid beauty on earth. The authority takes measures and keeps practicing certain measures within the Lake to protect the Manipur look lake and its inflow of natural fresh water in the district. 

Keibul Lamjao National Park: What To See here? 

Keibul Lamjao National Park is the only floating national park in the world. This is located on Manipur's floating Loktak Lake. It is the last natural habitat of endangered sangai deer. 

The dancing Sangai deer of Manipur is another attraction of the place. It is a must for any unique wetland ecosystem for any kind of wildlife enthusiasts. It has a floating wildlife sanctuary associated with facilities. Travelers also enjoy water sports in the lake area. 

Here you can see brow-antlered deer, hog deer, otter, migratory birds, waterfowls, and many other animals. This Lake is available in the middle of the Lake. The best time to visit the place is from November to March.  

The Forest Department of Manipur maintains watch towers and guest homes for restings within the parking area. Homestays are also available in the city to help visitors have affordable stays there. During the monsoons, the waters arrive, the roots absorb water, and then it rises upto a level of 2 to 3 meters. 

Ramsar is another place for conserving wetlands as per the wise, sustainable use of the resources. The Ramsar site identifies wetlands, especially those that provide waterfowl habitat. This place is one of the conventions on Wetlands of international importance.  

A Short Visit To Memorial of INA at Moirang

Bishnupur District of Moriang is considered to be a special place in the history of India's struggle for independence. The INA museum has a collection of letters, pledges of ranks, photographs, and other memorabilia reminding visitors of the noble sacrifices making the INA soldiers under the charismatic leadership of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

There are a few instances of the Indian National Army that visitors love to see. Indian tourists who admire Netaji Subhas visit the place to get in-depth knowledge about INA and the most important factors. 

Hiring a travel guide with your tour package will be the best deal. The focus will help you throughout your tour and make you aware of all the histories of the place. 


Red Hills (Maibam Lokpaching): How To Enjoy?

Red Hill is also renowned as Maibam Lokpaching. It is a hill in the Bishnupur district of Manipur. It is a hillock of the Tiddim Road, which is almost about 16-17 kilometers from Imphal. There are phumdis which stay right below the Lake. Additionally, pilgrimage is made there by Japanese tourists.

This place has a popular history in the past. Was combat between British and Japanese soldiers during World War II. Veterans of the war built the "India Peace Memorial," a monument in honor of the fallen Japanese soldiers. 


Lakoi Pat: A Tiny Lake near Tiddim Road  

Lakoi Pat is a tiny lake situated on NH150 at Bishnupur near Tiddim Road. This is considered to be a retreat for visitors from within as well as outside the state. The city is well connected by road. It is situated at an altitude of around 2530 feet above the sea level. 

The boating facilities and the scenic beauty of the place are enough to mesmerize travelers. People can reach the Lake by taking the National Highway. In the surrounding areas, the lake people depend on the lake water for survival. Tourists will also get to see nambul along with some circular floating waters. 

26 Top Places Of Best Tourist Attractions In Imphal

  • Loktak Lake.
  • Three Mothers Art Gallery.
  • Tharon Cave.
  •  Khonghampat Orchidarium.
  • Ema Keithel.
  • Bir Tikendrajit Park. 
  • Moirang Village.
  • Sirohi National Park.
  • Shree Govindajee Temple.
  • Manipur State Museum.
  •  Sekta Archaeological Living Museum
  •  Imphal War Cemetery.
  • Matai Garden.
  • Andro.
  •  Shaheed Minar.
  • Kangla Palace.
  • Sendra Islands.
  • Shyamrai temple.
  • Tonglon Cave.
  • Senapati.
  • Thoubal.
  • Ukhrul.
  • Chandel.
  • Bishnupur.
  • Churachandpur.
  • Tamenglong.

What Are the Things to do at Loktak Lake In Manipur?  

Loktak Lake is considered to be the nation's biggest freshwater Lake. The Lake is important for the existence of Manipur and its culture. It covers an area of almost 25,500 hectares. It is the district's primary resource of fisheries. 

The last natural refuge is a lake, which is a big source of livelihood for Manipuris and is worshipped as a Goddess Lairembi. She is also regarded as the Mother (Ima) of the whole community of fishermen, laying the foundation of the culture in Manipur tradition. The Lake is more than just a fresh water lake with a picturesque mass of water. 

There are several things to do at Loktak- 

Book Staying in Homestay- Staying in a homestay with the manipuri family is the best way to get a comfortable experience of what living all along the Lake is like. It is a fantastic experience that everyone will love to enjoy. 

Boat Ride- After you wake up in the morning, you can leave for the boat ride deep across the heart of Loktak Lake. Taking boats with long-tail are used to navigate throughout the Lake's region. Missing out on visiting the fisherman islands will be a sheer missing out on adventures.  

Fisherman Islands- Visiting the Fisherman Islands is a lifelong experience. Loktak lake is home to floating islands in the world. These islands are created out of decomposed biomass. Local fishermen use these fisherman boats for fishing. There is small thatched roofing that is used as a regular home. 

Rooftop Ride- All vehicles around Loktak Lake travel with at least 5-6 people on the top of the roof. This is a common way of traveling with a thrilling experience for everyone who visits Loktak Lake, the jewel of Manipur. There are various stages of decomposition that you can see here. 

Fishing Activities- Fishing is one of the major activities at Loktak lake. If you are in Loktak or Takmu, booking a boat to explore the biodiversity values is a must-do thing. The fisheries department takes complete care of the fishing activities in the district so that people do not run out of resource for their occupation. 

Maibam Phumlak- Loktak Lake is Loktak Pat. It is a freshwater lake in Northeast India. It is the largest Maibam Phumlak. Here you have five main streams and rivers, namely the Manipur river. When the anchors of the boat are roacked down by the drivers, there is a huge net that is put to cast within the athaphum. It takes 15 to 2/4 months. 

National Park- Lamjao National Park is home to Sangai deer-like animals. This is the world's floating park in the world. There are many other endangered species of animals available in the park. 

Enjoying Sunset- Hiking up the top of the hill, travelers can enjoy the Sunset. They can overlook the Lake, and this will be the best sunset experience of their life. There is a golden shade that shines all over the hill. The Lake is one which words won't do justice to how incredible the experience of nature's beauty is. 

Karang Islands- Visiting Karang Islands on a boat ride is one of the best things to enjoy. This place offers travelers plenty of places where excellent views and floating islands are a treat to one's eyes. 

An Overview Of Manipur Trips at a Glance  

Manipur is a beautiful city on the slopes of the south-flowing sub-Himalayan ranges in Northeast India. There are misty hills and lakes, lush green valleys, and rivers with dense forests.

How to Get To Loktak Lake In Manipur?

By Airlines: Tulihal International Airport in Imphal takes (28 kms) from the district headquarters.

By Rail Route: Jiribam Railway Station is located in Jiribam, Manipur, about 243 kms from the district headquarters.

By Road Route: Moirang Bazar stand is 2.8 kms to 3.2 kms from the Loktak Lake area. 

Best Time To Visit: March To June, November to February 

Where to stay in Imphal and Loktak Lake?  

  • Homestays are the best places to stay in Imphal and Loktak Lake. 
  • Floating Houses are also available near Loktak Lake. 
  •  Other Places to Stay (Affordable Budget)
  • The Classic Hotel.
  • Sangai Continental.
  • Hotel Imphal.
  • Mage.
  • Chandras Residency.
  • Classic Grande Imphal, A Member Of Radisson Individuals.

Please Note: If you want to check for booking for these affordable hotels within budgets, it is best to book it from top hotel booking apps. Here you can claim discounts and special rebates.  

What To See In Loktak Lake Stock Video Clips? 

You can see the Loktak Lake Stock video clips for free on the internet. These pictures are royalty-free pictures available in the Shutterstock records for all. The stock video clips are uploaded throughout the internet. Not only this, but you can also download images of absolute festivals all year round. 

Every picture gives rise to a story. It feels like the air is still, and the sun's rays hide behind the hills on the horizon. It is almost like the earth waiting for the first warmth of the day. Photographers take their time and use their creativity while clicking such masterpieces of images of one of the best lakes. 

Top Attractions Of 6 Places to visit near Loktak Lake 

1. Keibul Lamjao National Park: This is a national park that stays afloat. And, some of them call the floating wonder in Manipur. From here the whole view of the national park transforms into paradise. The aligned land swamps surrounded by vivid scenes of birds under the radiant scintillating legacy of the sun. 

2. INA Memorial at Moirang: This place is one of the major attractions of the places. INA memorial at Moriang is a place where Netaji Subhas Bose and his achievements are all stored, preserved and restored in this place. This place is unlike any other places in the city. The rivers Nambol, Yangoi and Thongjaorok flows into the Lake. 

3. Red Hills (Maibam Lokpaching): The major attraction in Imphal is Red Hills. There are chances of spotting all around the natural water reserves. Thousands of fishermen work hard to get the adequate quantity of fish for the entire population. There are floating lakes and many more in comparison to the other attractions in the city. This is one of the popular tourist attractions of the place. 

4. Sirohi National Park: Siirohi national Park is one of the top attractions of the place with a huge reserve for biodiversities. People visit the place and retreat with lifetime memories. It has been the primary source of sustenance for 55- 56 hamletts since a long time. 

5. Imphal Loukoi Pat: This is a small lake near the district of Bishnupur. This is located off Tiddim Road on National Highway 150. The Lake is 1.8 kms away from the Bishnupur temple. An Eco park with various trees and exotic other plants surrounds it.

6. Moirang: Located about 48.7 kms, Moirang is a Manipuri town the south of Imphal. It is the capital of Manipur. This place covers an area of 269 square km. Besides natural attractions; the site is home to 65,190 living across 68 villages. It is renowned for Meitei mythology and epics of folklore cycles of incarnations.

Top-rated holiday rentals near Loktak Lake

The top-rated holiday rentals near Loktak Lake are best if booked from apps like OYO, Airbnb, and Make My Trip for the best budgets. You can book a private room per your needs in Imphal and near Loktak Lake. 

Airbnb rooms are available on safe and affordable budgets near Loktak. The super hosts are very helpful and also take care of their guests. All stays are peaceful, and the areas are also spacious. There are guides available at these stays to help the tourists anytime. 

Popular amenities for Loktak Lake holiday rentals   

  • Spacious rooms.
  • 24X7 Water supply.
  • Cooking facilities.
  • ATM nearby.
  • Tourist attraction spots.
  • Car rentals.
  • Full Family Stays.
  • Food (three meals per day).
  • Free space for parking.
  • AC & Non AC rooms.
  • Kitchen facilities.
  • Free WiFi with 5G speed.
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Markets nearby.
  • Aqua Drinking Water.

Other great holiday rentals in Loktak Lake   

  • Private Rooms.
  • Homestays.
  • Apartments.
  • Studio apartments.
  • Penthouses. 

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There are more than 335+ Loktak Lake photos, illustrations, and vectors available on the internet. These images are available free of royalty. The ecosystem covers almost 220 sq km of area. 

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Final Thoughts

Manipur is home to all types of amazing landmarks as well as natural beauties. The forest covers a large portion of the hills with verdant valleys and sprawling lakes. 

You can book a tourist for your next trip to Imphal and Loktak Lake.  


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