Kolkata to Delhi Flight IndiGo

Where can I book Kolkata to Delhi Flight IndiGo? 

Kolkata to Delhi Flight IndiGo

Passengers choose to travel in IndiGo for its comfortable amenities. Now you can book Kolkata to Delhi flight IndiGo at the cheapest rates. For Kolkata Airport, passengers will have to use CCU and for New Delhi DEL is used to search for flights. 

IndiGo customer care representatives offer good customer service to passengers. In case there is any query, you can write to customer.relations@goindigo.in  to share your feedback. 

Suppose you have any issue regarding the Indigo flight pnr status of the flight you can still contact customer care for this. You can also share your experience or complaint or any kind of grievances to 566772 for faster response.

Popular Flights from Kolkata (CCU)To Delhi (DEL)-


Kolkata to New Delhi (1 Stop)

Time: 6Hrs 30 Mins

Departure: 12:00Hrs

Arrival: 18:20Hrs

Starting fare: Rs. 6,507/-


Kolkata to New Delhi (Non-Stop)

Time:  2Hrs 40 Mins

Departure: 6:40Hrs

Arrival: 9:40Hrs

Starting fare: Rs 7,557/-


Kolkata to New Delhi (Non-Stop)

Time:  2Hrs 30 Mins

Departure: 10:00Hrs

Arrival: 12:30Hrs

Starting fare: Rs 7,557/-


Kolkata to New Delhi (Non-Stop)

Time:  2Hrs 50 Mins

Departure: 18:20Hrs

Arrival: 20:50Hrs

Starting fare: Rs 7,557/-

What Are The Facilities Available At Delhi (DEL) Airport?

Baggage Services- At the Delhi Airport, passengers are eligible for free baggage trolley services. There are even counters set up for lost and found baggage which passengers can get back after contacting the service desk.


Places For eating and Shopping-  There are multiple places for dinners and restaurants located within the airport premises for travelers to eat all kinds of foods at a much more affordable cost. 


Duty Paid Shopping- There are duty-paid shops that are meanest for Liquor and Tobacco. But no duty-free shops are available at IGI airport. 

What is the best time to book flights for Delhi from Kolkata?

It is wise to book a Kolkata to Delhi flight Indigo in the months of July to October. Passengers can check their flight pnr status from the official website or the application that they have used for booking the flight tickets. The first flight from Kolkata to Delhi opens at 1:45 AM. 

Can A Passenger contact IndiGo on Whatsapp? 

Yes, passengers can contact IndiGo through Whatsapp at 7428081281. You can also check the Indigo flight PNR status through the WhatsApp facility. For exclusive deals on Kolkata to Delhi you can also send messages here. 

Who is an IndiGo 6E flight customer? 

The service allows you to receive compensation if the check-in bags are delayed or lost. There are a few terms and conditions that apply to 6E prime passengers. Now, you can book your round trip to Delhi from Kolkata flight tickets. It will provide special services like extra 10kg of baggage with free seat selection and a reduced cancellation fee. Flight meal is also available with 6E tickets. 

Where can I contact IndiGo for a refund?

Refunds are available in cash form. It can be processed at the domestic counters at the airport. In case the payment is paid at the International airport counter then the passengers must write to customer care at customer.relations@goindigo.in for assistance. 

Contact Information Details:

Helpline Numbers: 0124-6173838, 0124-4973838.

Email: customer.relations@goindigo.in

SMS: Send SMS to 566772

The airlines must hold a reservation for 24 hours by providing a refund to passengers at the request within 24 hours of making the reservation. 

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