Howrah to NJP Vande Bharat Express

Howrah to NJP Vande Bharat Express

Howrah to NJP Vande Bharat Express

Vande Bharat Express is about to virtually flag off today December 30, 2022, Friday at 11:15 AM from Howrah. It is a New Year’s Gift from PM Narendra Damodar Modi to the people in West Bengal. The Howrah to NJP Vande Bharat Express train will have fewer stations for halting. 

Where will Vande Bharat Open From? 

Starting from Howrah the train will have its first halt at Bolpur Shantiniketan. The next halt will be at New Farraka Junction. Moving towards the north the next stops will be at Malda Town, Barsoi Junction, and Kishanganj before it reaches NJP Junction finally. 

What Is The Time Vande Bharat Express Will Take To Cover The Distance? 

If you talk about the time, Howrah to NJP Vande Bharat will cover 7 Hrs to 7 Hrs 50 Mins to cover the entire distance. This type of express train is going to be flagged for the first time in Bengal. This Express train will be under the maintenance of the Eastern Railway Zone Authority. 

How Many Days Will The Train Operate? 

Around the last week, Vande Bharat Express completed the trial test successfully. Therefore it has been decided that this express will be operating for 6 days in a week. The departure time of the train is 6 AM from Howrah Junction. The train will terminate at New Jalpaiguri Station at around 1:30 PM as per the time schedule. 

You can book the train from Howrah Junction (HWH) to New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP). PM Modi added in his speech that this express train is to ease the journey of the passengers in Bengal which will strengthen the connectivity with the North much better. 

About 22301/22302 Vande Bharat Express Train

The departure train number is 22301 UP from Howrah. The time to depart from Howrah Junction is at 5:50 AM. The arrival time at New Jalpaiguri is at 1:50 PM the same day.  


The Train will be known as HWH-NJP Vande Bharat Express-22301 Up, as per the record of Indian Railways. The returning train will be assigned as HWH-NJP Vande Bharat Express-22302 DOWN. 

What Did IRCTC say in the media about 22301/02 Vande Bharat Express?

Indian Railway Authority spoke to the media about how Vande Bharat Train will bring for the passengers. This is the upcoming 7th fastest-moving Express train in the country. They further added the timing of the train as well as the price of the tickets. 

Which Place was decided to be the first pit stop halt?

Bolpur Shantiniketan is decided to be the first halt station for Vande Bharat Express 22301/22302. Vande Bharat Express from Howrah to Jalpaiguri and return will be running for 6 days a week except for Wednesday. 


It was on the written request of BJP President Mr. Sukanta Majumdar that PM Modi agreed to run the train with its first pit stop at Shantiniketan Bolpur. 


He also said that tourists and learners from all corners of the world pour into the city of Bolpur. Since there is no proper transport connectivity with the Junctions, Vande Bharat Express will be heartily welcomed at Bolpur station. 

What is the distance Howrah to NJP Vande Bharat will capture?

The Howrah to NJP Vande Bharat Express is West Bengal’s first ever semi-high speed express train meant for passenger service. And, furthermore, the train is adorned with a super modern semi-high speed train, equipped with state-of-the-art passenger amenities for travelers. This train will be covering a distance of 565.1 Km in just 7 Hours and 50 mins. 


What is the ticket price list in Vande Bharat express Howrah to NJP?

The ticket fare of the Vande Bharat Express Train from Howrah to NJP Junction is not clearly stated in the media. But it is expected that the price of the tickets may be costlier than in Shatabdi Express. 

What Is the Ticket Price expected to be for Vande Bharat Express? 

If we take a look back at the price list of Shatabdi Express, it is seen that the fare of the chair car Howrah-NJP is Rs 1650/- while the Executive class costs around Rs 2500/- per person. The Vande Bharat express Howrah to njp ticket price list will be declared today. 

What is the speed of the Vande Bharat Express?

Therefore it is expected that since the halts are less and the time Vande Bharat Express is taking to cover the journey is much shorter in comparison to Shatabdi Express, the fare of the tickets might be a little higher. The speed of the train is an average of 100-120 Km/Hr. Although there are intermediate stations in between the halts, Vande Bharat Express will not cease at those stoppages. 

Amenities of the Vande Bharat Express (22301/22302)- 

The train Vande Bharat Express is prepared with the most modern types of amenities and upscaling aesthetics to give the interior a modern look. There are rotatable seats inside the train which makes travel more enjoyable. You can move towards the window and enjoy the picturesque view altogether. 

Vande Bharat Express is customized with all super modern facilities to give it a classy and worthy appearance. The train also looks great from the exterior with its white and blue color. Large windows of the train in every coach add to the beauty of the train. Moreover, the food service on the train is also fantastic. 

Here Are Other Notable Amenities In The Train -


  • Smoke alarms.
  • Automatic doors.
  • Odor control system.
  • Automatic doors.
  • Sensory taps.
  • Bio vacuum toilets.
  • CCTV surveillance.
  • GPS-based passenger Info System. 
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • LCD screens.
  • Mineral Water Bottles.
  • Photocatalytic Air Purifier System. 
  • Full security system.

New Jalpaiguri - Howrah Vande Bharat Express (22302) Schedule

The schedule of the return train Howrah to NJP Vande Bharat Express timetable HWH-NJP 22301(Up Train) is already published-


  • Starting Point                          Time                       Zone               Distance
  • Howrah Junction (HWH)          5:55AM                     ER                      --
  • Bolpur Shantiniketan                8:15 AM                    ER                   200.01            
  • New Farakka Junction (NFK)   9:56/9:57AM             ER                   295.3
  • Malda Town (MLDT)                 10:40/10:45 AM        ER                   329.5
  • Barsoi Station (BOE)                11:50AM                   ER
  • New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP) 13:45 PM                 NFR                  564.7


The schedule of the return train HWH-NJP 22302 (Down Train) is published-


  • Starting Point                       Time                        Zone                 Distance
  • New Jalpaiguri (NJP)           14:50 PM                   NFR Zone           –-
  • Barsoi Station (BOE)           16:45 PM                   NFR Zone         145 Kms
  • Malda Town (MLDT)            17:45/17:50 PM         ER Zone          235.1 Kms
  • New Farakka Jn (NFK)        18:24/18:25 PM         ER Zone          270.2 Kms
  • Bolpur Shantiniketan            20:22 PM                  ER Zone          235.4 Kms     
  • Howrah Junction (HWH)      22:40 PM                  ER Zone          564.6 Kms 

An Overview of Vande Bharat express Howrah to NJP station list

To wrap up here’s a combined Vande Bharat express Howrah to NJP stoppage list below-

  • Howrah Junction (HWH)
  • Shantiniketan Bolpur (BHP)
  • New Farakka Junction (NFK)
  • Malda Town (MLDT)
  • Barsoi (BOE)
  • New Jalpaiguri (NJP)

Vande Bharat Express Howrah To NJP comes with a plethora of amenities and a myriad of facilities for passengers within a very short time. The seats on the train recline well. This is because the chairs are revolving 

Is there Vande Bharat Express Howrah to NJP Ticket availability?

The Vande Bharat Express Howrah to NJP Ticket availability will be published today December 30, 2022, at 11:15 Am by PM Modi from Howrah Junction as soon as Modi reaches Howrah. There is a seat availability carrying 1130 passengers in sitting postures in this semi-high-speed train. 

The train was introduced only after testing its speed, and braking system, and cross-checking the amenities of the train. This expenditure in making the train cost around 97 crores for the government to get ready. 

Is It possible to cancel the ticket reservation for any passenger who books Vande Bharat Express? Hence all tickets have a cancellation date with a cancellation policy. 

The tickets are discounted with a zero refund policy. There was no such public declaration about Vande Bharat Express Howrah to NJP ticket availability in the media but according to the IRCTC official website, it is said that the ticket fares may range between Rs. 1600/- and Rs. 2200/-. 

What Is The System of Meals In Vande Bharat Express?

  • Vande Bharat opens at 5:55 AM from Howrah Junction (HWH). 
  • Breakfast will be served at 07:00 AM.
  • Welcome Drinks will be served with breakfast.
  • Lunch (Veg/Non-Veg) meals will be served at 12PM.
  • Mineral Water Facility will be served inside the train (Payable).
  • Tea/Coffee, Samosas, and Sweets are served from 4-4:30 PM.

If you are planning to explore this rail route, keeping the Howrah to NJP Vande Bharat Express timetable will be a safer action to take. The time of traveling will be reduced as per the schedule of the Vande Bharat Howrah to the New Jalpaiguri express. All sets of preparations are still underway for making the train make its debut successfully today. 

Final Thoughts

PM Modi on December 30, 2022, will be flagging off the Howrah to NJP Vande Bharat Express from Howrah Junction towards New Jalpaiguri. The halts would be at Bolpur Shantiniketan, New Farraka Junction, Malda Town, and Barsoi Junction before its final stop at New Jalpaiguri. 

Vande Bharat Express is a New Year’s Gift for the residents of West Bengal from the Prime Minister of the country. 

Let us know if you board this train and share your experiences in the comment section below. 

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