GoAir GST invoice

Why is a GoAir GST invoice levied with tickets?

goair gst invoice

GoAir is presently renamed Go First. It is expanding its area vastly. And, when it is about booking the tickets, the next thing that comes to mind is the GoAir GST invoice after you process your money for ticket booking. 

Not only this a GoAir PNR status number is also generated so that you can easily check your tickets from the comfort of your home or office. 

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Are the tickets to GoFirst low in price? 

Yes, the rate of the tickets in GoFirst or GoAir is super low with a very less GST rate applicable. Passengers love to travel in these air fleets. In fact, the GoAir authority is introducing direct flights to destinations between the following air routes- 


  • Chennai-Port Blair.
  • BLR-Goa.
  • Chennai- Kochi.
  • BLR-Lucknow. 

Can a passenger expect to receive a GoAir GST invoice? 

With every flight ticket, passengers will receive the GoAir GST invoice which will give a complete breakdown of their fare and expense in total. The prices of the tickets are close enough. It starts from 1000/- per person for Bangalore to Goa GoAir flights including GST in the fare rates. Another tempting fare deal is the flight route from Chennai to Kochi. It commences from Rs. 1205/- including GST. 

Which month is the cheapest to book a GoAir flight?

If you have plans to travel somewhere in the month of February and if it is around the 15th or 16th of February 2023, just don’t miss out on booking the GoAir flights. It is decided that it will be cheapest on this date. The fare will be calculated with GoAir GST in the invoice. 

What is the rate of the new flight ticket sale per person?

With the arrival of winter, the holiday season is about to begin. GoAir is therefore providing budget airlines today starting with a new flight ticket sale with airfares starting at almost Rs 1100/- per person.


Suppose you fly from Ahmedabad, flights of GoAir will offer you flight tickets to destinations like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Lucknow. The tickets to these destinations start from Rs 1601/- including GST. 

What is GST basically?

GST is acronymous to Goods and Service tax. It has come into effect in India from July 1, 2017. It is since then that GST is issued on all air services including tickets. GoAir GST invoice is also prepared in accordance with this rule. 

How Is GST INVOICE calculated?

GST Amount = (Original Price x GST Rate) / 100 

Net Amount = GST Amount + Original Price 

Formula to remove the GST Amount


GST Amount = Original Price – (Original Price x (100 / (100 + GST Rate))) 

Net Amount = Original Price – GST Amount 


  • Economy Class Tickets= 5% GST Applicable
  • Business Class Tickets= 12% GST Applicable
  • Chartered Flight Tickets= 12% GST Applicable 

The economy class tickets between Northeast and Bagdogra are exempted from paying GST. This has become effective from July 18 ,2022. 

How is GST made applicable along with the tickets? 

GST is applicable on IGST/CGST and SGST/UGST. It depends on the place of delivery of the air services clubbed with the registration of the GST customer. GoAir has registration for every state individually. GST is levied on flight tickets for Union territories.


Contact Details

In case there is any kind of queries involved, call 9223222111. You can submit your reviews as well as feedback here. The new Customer care helpline number is 18002100999 for GoAir can also assist you with the current GoAir pnr statusRead more...

Wrapping Up 

In order to receive the correct invoice from the Airline, one must ensure a few important things. It includes GSTIN and the name of the GSTIN customer no is all set with the email address at the time of the booking of the tickets. 

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