goair boarding pass

Why is a GoAir boarding pass vital before you fly?

goair boarding pass

Those who have done web check-in for the GoAir boarding pass at the airport premises and the ticket counter will not have to do it again. It is now easy to book GoAir tickets directly from the comfort of your home or office.  

Whom Should I contact to solve my queries regarding the flight?

Passengers should contact a customer care representative for any query on 1800 2100 999 / +91 22 6896 8300. In case there is any query from your end, you will get the right information regarding your flight, schedules, amenities, and trip completely. 

Is the boarding pass a valid document? 

No, a boarding pass is never judged as a valid document for entering the airport. Always remember to carry along your valid ID card with you for priority check-in. 

Am I eligible for a boarding pass after web check-in?

Yes, you will get a boarding pass if passengers go through the process of web check-in for a domestic flight. The confirmation slip will also be issued just after this. Besides this, you can check the GoAir pnr status from the comfort of your seat right now. 

How will boarding passes be issued to international flight passengers? 

And, if passengers book flights for international trips then they will have to get every document verified before the boarding pass is issued. This will be done in exchange for the confirmation slip. 

How can I manage my GoAir Airlines flight booking?

With GoAir, passengers can manage flight bookings with simple steps. You will have to enter the Goair pnr status number in the first column along with the last name of the passenger in the required field. You can also input the email address for further procedures. 

Why Choose Retrieval Booking For GoAir Flights? 

Travelers will have to choose the option of Retrieve Booking to make required changes like prepare-meal, excess baggage, and seats. You can also check and change the return or departure date, re-route the flight, or even check-in on priority basis. 

Is there a web check-in service for GoAir Flights?

GoAir offers a web check-in service for every passenger who has confirmed tickets for their journey. This is except for those who have booked their tickets under special sections. Hence if you have availed concession as a student, senior citizen, armed forces and personnel cannot check in online. 

Which is the PNR number in the GoAir Flights? 

GoAir PNR status is the Passenger Name Record. It is a code with 6 alphanumeric characters. This includes numbers and letters together to make a PNR number. The PNR code allows every passenger to go through their booking process, reprint the ticket in case it is missing, and print the ticket before boarding GoAir flights.

Where can you check the flight PNR status?

To check the Goair boarding pass and the PNR status, you need to visit the official website. Here you will have to input all the details properly. Unless you input all the correct details you will not be able to check the PNR status of the flight. In this way, you can get the PNR status for all domestic flights.


Contact Information 

GoAir Customer Care Helpline Number: 18002100999/ 912268968300


For further queries, you can write to us along with the PNR details for further inquiries. 


Please Note: If you have a group of passengers traveling together, please don’t miss out on contacting us for the special discounted rate/offer for your journey. 


Book your GoAir flight today. 


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