Where can I find Goa Beaches For Foreigners To Visit?   

     goa beaches for foreigners

Goa: Cherish Scintillating Beach-like Experiences 

Goa is a tourist place that is highly decorated mainly for tourist attractions. The tourist spot witnesses a huge crowd of travelers almost throughout the year. It is due to the abundance of tourists from both local and foreign corners of the world that makes Goa a worthy place to visit with the onset of winter months. 


The Goa beaches for foreigners remain crowded almost throughout the year. In addition to this, there are certain attractions in some foreigners-only beaches in Goa that are regarded as the best beaches for foreigners in Goa or the paradise for tourists attractions in the wake of the warm winter days. 


India is famous for many things like the Taj Mahal and popular cuisines. Moreover, to add to this list they also offer you beautiful mountain ranges, famous beaches, and private pool villa parties in Goa. Together they make the experiences more lively. Goa is home to these beaches at the same time. 


With this, if you want to explore the multitude of offers you can add beers and alcohol to your list. It is cheap in cost. Hence sit back and relax at any of the beaches in Goa. The best time to visit Goa beaches is from November to March. 

Which beach is only for foreigners?

Baga beach, Anjuna beach, Palolem, and Colva beach in South Goa are popular only for foreigners. These tourists move all over Goa on all the beaches. It has been famous for foreign tourists since the 1970s or 1980s. Tourists are welcome any time of the year. This is the main source of business.  


Together with so many reasons, Goa is considered to be a place that has ideal climatic conditions with pleasant grazing of the face in the sunshine. There are some of the best beaches for foreigners in Goa where music sprouts throughout the year and the rhythm is sure to take the travelers over. 

How have Goa beaches grown in popularity in the past decade? 

In the past few years, it is seen that Goa has been the favourite place for many travelers all throughout the year. The list will have no end but Goa is among the favourite places among foreigners. It is the carefree aura of the place that pulls thousands of travelers to this exquisite beach along the placid waters within the tranquillity of the atmosphere. It is due to the carefree aura and the countless number of adventurous things around that made the Goa beaches rank among the best beaches in the world. 

Do You Think The Weather Plays A Vital Role In Goa Tourism? 

The weather is fairly good for all travelers who prefer staying in an exorbitant hotel with charges. If the chaos of the crowded beaches hampers your peace and privacy, goa beaches for foreigners will surely give you a peaceful stay and roaming about freely. Foreign tourists prefer to visit Goa starting from the first week of November until the middle of March.

Can you Hire Bikes or Cars In Goa beach? 

Yes, you can hire bikes and cars in Goa. Mainly the foreigners are found straying on the beaches of north and south Goa. But most of them prefer to visit South Goa more than North Goa. Here is a chance for foreigners to hire bikes of their choice and if they want they can also hire cars on an hourly basis. The only thing is that you will need to contact the local shopkeepers for any kind of booking. These vehicles are fully charged on an hourly basis as per day rates. 

Popular List of Best Goa Beaches For Foreigners

  • Palolem Beach.
  • Candolim Beach.
  • Agonda Beach.
  • Anjuna Beach.
  • Sinquerim Beach.
  • Calangute Beach.
  • Baga Beach.
  • Querim Beach.
  • Arambol Beach.
  • Patnem Beach.
  • Chapora Beach.
  • Mandrem. 
  • Mobor beach.
  • Vagator Beach Road.
  • Morjim Beach.
  • Majorda Beach.
  • Butterfly Beach.
  • Colva Beach Road. 
  • Bogmalo Beach.
  • Galgibaga Beach. 
  • Betul Beach.
  • Chapora Beach.
  • Benaulim Beach.
  • Cavelossim Beach.
  • Ashvem Beach. 
  • Miramar Beach.

A Detailed List Of Some Foreigners-only beaches in Goa

Goa is a tourist spot in India known for its popular bustling beaches. This blog post will serve as a guide on how you can find the right place to enjoy. Foreigners in Goa come to enjoy a blasting moment with all the amenities they need to refresh their memories, and time and get charged up at the same time. 


Here is a list of some of the popularly known foreigners-only beaches in Goa which can create a wonderful lifetime experience in the future. 


Palolem Beach:

goa Palolem Beach for foreigners

This beach is considered to be a snowy-looking white sand beach in South Goa. It is decorated with palm trees. And, this place oozes sheer beauty with the most crescent shape and magical views. Foreigners here flock together and enjoy a gala time with their pals. And, they also enjoy taking sunbath under the warm rays of the sun. 


Varca Beach:

goa beaches for foreigners

Varca beach is one of the most unexplored gems and is counted among the list of foreigners-only beaches in Goa. the white sand and palm trees make beautiful natural decor that soothes the eyes. The pristine beach in Morjim offers clean surroundings, a dreamy rush, hues, and some peaceful atmospheric ambiance. Varca beach is a famous foreigners-only beach in Goa that houses the majestic Caravela beach Resort that caters to the needs of foreigners along with the specially curated facilities and amenities available here. 


Ashwem Beach:

goa beaches for foreigners

Ashwem beach in North Goa is considered to be one of the Best known beaches in Goa especially meant for foreigners. They love to loosen themselves up and find the peace of life here. They spend a lovely me time here away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The beach offers spick and span with the right kind of towering palm trees that adds to the charm of the place. 


Morjim Beach:

goa beaches for foreigners

Missing out to visit his place will be a sin. This is among the best beaches for foreigners in Goa and is considered to be Little Russia. The name is thus given because it promises a serene experience away from the distant crowd of Goa. It also lacks people making no distinct exposure to the endangered species. If you are lucky, you can also spot seeing dolphins here during the boat rides in the waters. 


Candolim Beach:

goa beaches for foreigners

Candolim beach is another sparkling attraction that foreigners come to enjoy to their heart’s content. It stretches to a distance of 30 KM. It also earned the title of being the biggest beach in Goa. Here you can enjoy sports like jet-skiing, paragliding, boating, dolphin spotting, and water skating.  Thus you can savor delicious food and local cuisines in the place. Tourists here never miss out on taking at least one sip of the Goan beers and gazing at the sea in front of them. 


Benaulim Beach:

goa beaches for foreigners


This beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in Goa. This is also considered to be one of the top foreigners-only beaches in Goa. The sandy beaches, as well as the no-rock area, give a wonderfully serene and tranquil experience for the visitors to this place. In spite of such crowdedness in Goa, Benaulim beach is still considered to be the quietest beach in Goa. 

When Is The Best Time To Visit Goa Beaches? 

The best time to visit Goa beaches starts from November to March. These are the peak seasons. The temperature during these months is almost 38 to 40 degrees Celsius. So, do not forget to pack your sun cream in your backpack. Goa is a backpacker’s paradise with the right picturesque beaches with the most crescent-shaped beauty to offer to the range of boat trips. 

Which Are The Beaches That Offer Nightlife Experience?

There are two beaches in Goa that are popular for their nightlife experiences and clubbing around. They are Colva beach and Vagator beach. This is one of the most popular beaches in Goa meant for the young population who love to enjoy, party, and have blast.

Vagator Beach:

The beach is not smooth but is situated in a rocky area with red cliffs. The rave music here is the special attraction of the place. It is mostly popular for being the best beach in Goa for its sunset. It is the picturesque view of the beach that adds to the romantic essence that exudes. 

Colva Beach:

Colva beach is located in South Goa and is considered to be a really cool beach with popular cuisine. Locals in and around goa gather here on this beach mostly. Sports activities and the water activities like paragliding, banana boat ride, jet skiing, and parasol are available for cheap just with very less money. 

Which beach is best for swimming in Goa?

Palolem beach is famous for enjoying the best beach-like experience in Goa. In addition to this, it is one of the favorite beaches rated by foreigners. Although there are many swimming opportunities in Goa (both north and south), Palolem beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in the collection of Goa beaches. 

Which beach is the best beach for Couples in Goa?

Mobor beach is one of the best beaches in Goa that is popular for couples. Here you will get to enjoy so many good food options, multiple restaurants, cruises experience with Sal, dolphin spotting, and bird tours. You will also be able to book expensive hotel rooms here if you are planning to surprise your date, girlfriend, or partner with anything special. 

Where to Visit After You Visit Goa?

After you have had the opportunity to enjoy the beach experience in Goa, you can next plan your visit to places like Mumbai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Pushkar, Udaipur, and many other places of your choice. These places together will strengthen your thought about how India is so wonderful where each area offers something very unique and new at the same time. 

Which Part of Goa has more Foreign visitors? 

Located in the North Goa region, Morjim beach in Goa has more foreign visitors. It is most popular with the Russians. Therefore it is also known as Little Russia. It is one of the quieter places in India. Many travelers have also witnessed that Anjuna beach also has more Russian travelers visiting Goa for a gala time. Thus it is also considered to be a foreigner-only beach in Goa after Morjim beach. Here in this, you will hardly spot local Goans apart from foreigners. 

Is it so that Anjuna beach is only for foreigners? 

Anjuna beach experiences more entry of foreign visitors than Indians. Thus it is regarded as one of the foreigners-only beaches in Goa. There are no legal restrictions to enter the beach for anyone else apart from foreigners. It is said that Goan people believe that they are helping foreigners to have a good and feel-free like experience on their own by not crowding in those foreigners-only beaches. 

Is Kissing in public sinful in the eyes of law in Goa? 

Yes, couples caught kissing in Goa on the beaches or on the roads in public will be prosecuted to jail and prisoned up to 5 years in jail. This is to maintain law and order amidst such carefree rules in that part of the state. So, be careful before you step ahead to do such an act. 

Where Do the Russians go and live in Goa? 

Russians are mostly seen to reside in Morjim village mostly. Here you will see the Russian population trodding along with their friends and partners in groups always. Therefore this part of Goa was renamed Little Russia. Here you will find multiple Russian immigrants and tourists living. 

Where Can The Tourists Enjoy Nightlife in Goa? 

In Goa, tourists can enjoy the fascinating nightlife on beaches like- Baga beach, Anjuna beach, Arjuna Flea market, Tito’s Street, Silent Noise Club, Souza Lobo Shack, Cafe Mambos, Casino Pride, Shiva valley, casino Royale, Curlies Beach Shack. You should not miss out on visiting these beaches anyhow. 


Why Do Foreigners love visiting Goa?

Foreigners in Goa prefer visiting here as they want to experience dressing freely on the golden beaches and have happy times with their loved ones with no such hardcore restrictions. All they want is to enjoy yummy coconut drinks, soft music, and the aroma of delicious cuisines at the seafood. Very often tourists are seen roaming about near and far the beaches and on the streets with packed foods in the shacks. 

Which beach in Goa can be Seen to Spot with more girls?

Ashvem beach in Goa is seen to be spotted with more girls tourists than boys. Here you will get to see girls wearing bikinis and enjoying their life’s moments to their heart content. You will feel like being in the mellow setting, relax, and get too thronged in the place. If you are a girl and want to enjoy with a girl's group, you can freely join them at the Ashvem beach and try out enjoying with the girls’ group here. 


Can unmarried couples visit Goa?

Yes, it is absolutely fine for unmarried couples to visit Goa. there is no such rule unless you do something that hampers the law and order of the place. Beyond this, no one cares about such a rule. Everyone can have a good time here. 

Which beach is tagged as the safest beach in goa & Why?

Benaulim beach is one of the safest beaches in Goa for families, friends, and girls too. It is the beach where you will experience the white sand of Goa with good vibes and thus it will hit a difference when you are here. Talking about the cuisine, it is served at the beach shacks with a blend of Goan and international cuisine. 

Do you think spending 2 days in Goa is worth it?

Yes, even a span of 2 days in Goia is considered to be a worthy experience. But if you are in Goa, you must not forget or rather miss out on visiting the cathedral church, and azure beaches and enjoying Goan food cuisines at any cost. It is best to divide your stay and plan the tour. You can plan for a half day for beach hopping where you will be able to enjoy sunbathing, relax, chill out, and then try out the amazing water sports activities. 


Final Words

Goa is one of the top places of tourist destinations, especially for foreigners in India. The foreigners-only beaches in Goa offer a scintillating crowd of tourists almost throughout the year. Most of the travelers who come to Goa head towards North Goa mostly. Morjim Village is one such place where you will find a huge crowd of Russian visitors. The bars, pubs, and clubs add to the amazing ambience of the nightlife in Goa. 

So, what are your next trip plans? Book A ticket to Goa and enjoy a blasting weekend tour to Goan beaches with your family, friends, and partner. 


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