How to download Vistara ticket?

Is It Easy To download Vistara ticket ?

Air Vistara PNR Status

Yes, booking tickets with Air Vistara is easy and it saves you extra time and money. Vistara connects over 43+ destinations in and outside the country. It operates over 260 flights per day with a fleet of 54 aircraft. It includes 41 Airbus A320, 5 Boeing 737-800NG, 5 Airbus A321neo 3 Boeing B787-9 Dreamliner. Passengers can download Vistara ticket in just a few clicks. 

Air Vistara happily serves 37+ million passengers equally well!

Air Vistara has been serving more than 37 million happy passengers since the beginning of its operations. This airline has empowered customers to choose the right airway within affordable budgets. Air Vistara never compromises when it comes to customer experience. They are able to provide service excellence at every touchpoint for any issue they encounter. The downloading of Air Vistara tickets is also easy from their official website. Apart from this, you can also check Air Vistara PNR status quickly from their app. 

Are Air Vistara Flights Good To Travel?

Yes, Air Vistara Flights are good to travel. It is an Indian carrier. Travelers give these flights an average rating of 8.6/10. It is the customer service of Air Vistara that forms the pillars of strength for its passengers. Vistara Airlines provides meals to all economy-class customers. Passengers who book an economy lite fare are served complimentary tea or coffee. 

How To Download The Air Vistara Tickets?

Steps to follow while downloading the Air Vistara tickets-

  • Go to
  • Search For the PLAN TRAVEL option.
  • Click on the MANAGE MY BOOKING option.
  • Put the Booking Reference Number.
  • Don’t Miss Out on Putting The Last Name?
  • Click on SUBMIT option.
  • Finally, Click on the OK button. 
  • Enter A Valid Mobile Number & email.
  • Click on Continue button to get updates on WhatsApp.
  • Click on the PRINT ITINERARY option.


Your Ticket is on screen and if you want to get a printed copy of the ticket, you will need to click the CTRL+P button on the keyboard. After accepting all the terms and conditions, the ticket gets booked for your chosen destination. 

Is It Mandatory To Have The PNR Number of the Ticket?

Yes, it is mandatory to have the PNR Number of the ticket to download the Air Vistara ticket. And, to check the Air Vistara PNR Status, along with this, you will need to put in the last name of the passenger with whom you are about to travel on your flight journey. 

How To Check The Vistara PNR Status Of Your Booked Flight?

By entering the reference booking number and the last name of the passenger, you can check the Air Vistara PNR Status of the flight. You will have to click on Submit to receive all details of the flights on your device. 


If you feel the need to access the flight description, you can check the PNR status from anywhere and anytime. As an alternative option, you will have to check the Air Vistara PNR status through the official app named Cleartrip. It hardly matters whether passengers have booked the ticket from any other online platform. 

Can Air Vistara change your seat?

Air Vistara reserves the right to change the seat if you are assigned to an emergency exit seat that is in compliance with the safety regulations as per the aircraft configuration. Therefore, it is mandatory to produce the Web check-in boarding pass for the purpose of security boarding and clearance-related activities.

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