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Winters are around the corner and the festive season to welcome another new year is here. Why not celebrate this Winter vacation on the beaches of Goa and the blue waters? Know the Delhi to Goa flight ticket price Indigo before you book. 

IndiGo Flight ticket price 

The starting price is as low as 4,598/- for non-stop flights. Depending on the tickets and the flight the price goes up to Rs 6522/-. Lucky passengers can avail of a discount of almost Rs 1950/- instantly if they have a promo code to book any Delhi flight tickets. 

Once done, you can also check the Indigo PNR status from the official website as well as the app that you use to book your flights.

Why Choose Indigo Air Flights tickets? 

Indigo is one of the fastest and most economical carriers that have fleets from all destinations. And, Delhi to Goa flight ticket price Indigo offers huge options for booking. This is because of the popularity of the Delhi to Goa route. 

What Is The Distance Between Delhi and Goa by Air? 

The aerial distance between Delhi and Goa by Air is 1515 Km. And if you travel by road, the distance is estimated to be 1872 km. The shortest duration to travel from Delhi to Goa takes 2 hours and 50 minutes depending on the air traffic. 


Which month is the cheapest to travel to Goa? 

The shoulder season that allows passengers to book hotels and flights at decreased rates is between July and September. This is the best time to travel to goa within a budgetary offer. The temperatures reach up to 40 degrees. In addition to this, the price of hotel rooms is also available at the lowest rates. 

Popular Flights From Delhi to Goa For Reference:

Non-Stop Delhi to Goa IndiGo Flight

Time: 2Hrs 35Minutes

Departure: 20:00Hrs 

Arrival: 20:35Hrs

Starting Fare: 4,598/-

New Delhi to Goa With 1 Stop IndiGo Flight

Time: 6Hrs 20 mins

Departure: 8:10Hrs

Arrival: 14:20Hrs

Starting fare: 6,871/-

Daily flights operate from Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, and Cochin which connect the cities to Goa. (Flight Numbers & Time Are Updated Daily 24 hours of the journey)

What is the Duration To Fly To Goa?

Dabolim Airport lies just 30 kilometers from the capital city of Goa, Panjim. 

Passengers can search for flights with the following options:

  • Senior Citizen
  • Student fare
  • Non Stop Flights
  • Armed Forces


You can plan a journey after knowing the connectivity of the Delhi to Goa flight ticket price indigo from your location to the destination. 

Book Exclusive deals on indigo flights

Passengers can check the indigo flight PNR status of the flights to their chosen destination from their official website or the app they have booked their flight tickets from. 


In case you face any trouble, contact for faster resolving of issues. Being a passenger you can call on the toll-free helpline number at 01246173838 for any urgent help. 


Here’s Alternative Contact details-

  • Alternate Contact No: 0124-661 3838 
  • WhatsApp No: 7428081281 

Please Note: Look up holiday packages and search for hotels that can offer budgetary rates and then finalize your trip on just one platform. 

Do you require a passport to travel to Goa?

No, a passport is not mandatory to travel to Goa for any Indian Nationals. The same rule applies to other destinations within India. But, it is necessary to have a valid form of identity for the passengers who book flights from any destination to Goa. 

read about indigo flight pnr status.


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